HYBRID GLASSED SLIDING SERIES It is a new generation double glazed sliding series designed to provide higher insulation for sliding systems known for their ease of use. In addition to protecting areas outside the living area such as balconies, terraces and winter gardens from adverse external weather conditions, it also provides extra insulation with its…


Technical detail

Aluminum feature: EN6063 / T5 Thermal 7-13

Color Options: Anodized (natural), Rall painted, Wood veneer

Glass Type: 20 mm combination double glazing

Carrier bearing: Delrin coated 606zz bearing

Case Profile Width: 4 Rails (13.7 cm), 3 Rails (10.5 cm)

Lower Rail Profile Height: With Threshold (4.5 cm), Without Threshold (1.8 cm)

Finish profile options: Double-sided handle, Straight finish profile

Lock options: Standard sliding lock, keyed lock

Plastic covers: Polyamide

Sealing: UV added bristle brush

Glass profile combination: Polyurethane adhesive

Maximum Height: 2600mm

Maximum Panel Size: 3 m2

Maximum Panel Weight: 75 kg


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