INSULATED TRIMMER SERIES Guillotine systems, which are widely used today, were generally preferred on ground floors because they were difficult to clean. The system has been redesigned to solve the cleaning problem of the system with new improved methods and to provide more comfortable cleaning in areas such as balconies and terraces, especially in residences…


Technical details

Aluminum feature: EN6063 / T5 Thermal 7-13

Insulation barrier: Fireproof polyamide barrier

Profile Color Options: Pressed, electrostatic rall painted, wood veneer

Glass Type: 24mm combination double glazing

System option: Standard opening, -Transom (can be cleaned)

Carrier mechanism: Chain system

Sealing: UV Additive bristle brush, gasket

Glass profile combination: Polyurethane adhesive

Maximum system height: 3000 mm

Maximum Width: 4000 mm (recommended)

Engine used: Tubular engine with 120 NW receiver

Engine carrying capacity: 200 kg


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