HEAT GLASSED FOLDABLE SERIES In particular, folding glass balcony systems, which make balconies a part of the house, take the shape of the area where they are applied and offer easy use and comfortable cleaning opportunities. Among the glazing systems, it is preferred in areas such as balconies, winter gardens and terraces, thanks to its…


Technical detail
Aluminum feature: EN6063/T5 Thermal 7-13

Profile Color Options: Press, Anodized (natural), Rall painted, Wood veneer

Glass Type: 28mm combination double glazing

Carrier bearing: Delrin coated 608zz bearing

Case Profile: 4.5 cm

Case height: 6.8 cm

Lock mechanism: Lever Lock mechanism

Plastic covers: Polyamide

Sealing: UV added bristle brush

Glass profile combination: Polyurethane adhesive

Maximum system height: 2400 mm

Maximum panel width: 300-800 mm


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